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Sketchbook: Create & Capture
  • Sketchbook: Create & Capture

    This was a project I did for the Sketchbook Project. The Sketchbook Project is a non-profit, community funded library of 50,000 sketchbooks. The library is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but it has recently been announced that the library will be shuttiing down and relocating the books to another institution. One of the triggers is the fire that took place during the transport of the sketchbooks from Brooklyn to Florida.

    Around 7000 books in the collection have been lost. Mine was one of the 7000 books missing/presumed lost in the fire. With the library closing, their digital archive may not be around for much longer.


    I made digital scans of the book before I sent it those many years ago. These scans may be the only version of the sketchbook left that will exist. 

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